Bone resorption is a loss of jawbone that can have an impact on your smile. Loss of jawbone can result from missing or damaged teeth teeth -- and can cause jaw pain as well as a change in your facial profile.

Key takeaways:

  • Your dentist can replace lost teeth which will help stimulate bone growth and avoid bone resorption.
  • Teeth damaged by severe tooth decay or loosened through an impact injury can potentially lead to bone loss in the jaw.
  • Gum disease can cause bone resorption by affecting the ligaments supporting the teeth and impacting on the jawbone.

"When a natural tooth is lost and not replaced, the body will eventually get rid of the bone where the tooth root was over time. In addition, the lost tooth will cause a gap, and the neighboring teeth will shift to fill its place, which can cause a symptom of jawbone loss—shifting teeth."

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